Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Larry, and Moe, and Curly, Oh My! The Three Stooges Are Rolling Around In What?

The Three Stooges are iconic characters - almost as iconic as the Chevy Step-side Pickup - put them together, and you have a super icon! That's what Auto World has done with their New 1/18 scale Three Stooges tribute truck by starting with a beautiful 1955 Chevy Step-side Pickup and stoogifying it with the livery of a fictitious repair shop - The Three Wise Guys Garage!

#AWSS115 - 1/18 Scale
Three Wise Guys Garage - 1955 Chevy Step-side Pickup - The Three Stooges
The door is emblazoned with the image of the Three Wise Guys themselves. The truck also features functional steering, accurate badges and hubcaps, and detailed headlights and grille.

The hood opens to reveal the beautifully-modeled engine. The cab doors and the tailgate also open.

There's additional detail on the rear fender which lets us know that: Three Wise Guys Garage is "OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK. . . Except for Saturday and Sunday, and sometimes Monday". Plus, the Chevrolet name is featured loud and proud on the tailgate above the shiny chromed bumper.

This truck is in-stock and ready to ship, so order now at and add this beauty to your collection!

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