Friday, September 23, 2016

Looking to Haul a Windmill? WSI and Nooteboom Have the Answer!!

An awesome new Mercedes-Benz/Nooteboom truck and trailer was just announced by WSI
#5471267 - 1/50 Scale
Mercedes-Benz Arocs with 7-Axle Windmill Trailer
This 1/50 scale Mercedes-Benz Arocs MP4 Big Space cab is riding on an SLT 8x4 tractor and hauling a Nooteboom 7-axle windmill trailer and a 4-axle dolly. Between the dolly and the trailer sit two hydraulically extendable lift-adapters, which are designed to clamp onto and securely hold the tower section of a windmill during transport. This eliminates the need for a transport floor, allowing maximum clearance and superior maneuverability.   
Features of this model include:
  • OEM Nooteboom coloration and badging
  • High levels of detail throughout, including a realistic cab interior
  • Ballast box
  • 4-axle dolly and 7-axle trailer
  • Wheels and tires on drive axles are different from non-drive axles, just like the real machine
Equipped with a total of fifteen axles, this monstrous 1/50 scale rig is guaranteed to turn heads and drop jaws anywhere you choose to display it!

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