Monday, September 26, 2016

10 Years of Excellent Service at Thanks, Kent!

We typically pour out digital ink talking about outstanding new models and exciting, high quality toys. This Monday edition has a different purpose. We are honoring 10 years of outstanding service from the manager of our shipping department - Kent Oliver.
Kent Oliver (left) receiving his 10 years of service plaque from president Darin Stratton (right).
Kent keeps the packages flowing out the door at a steady rate, minimizes errors, and keeps track of everything in our 13,000 square foot shipping warehouse; all while encouraging and training his crew with a combination of good ol' common sense and tasteful sarcasm. During the Christmas season, Kent works even harder and puts in extra hours to ensure that orders go out in a timely manner. When he occasionally takes a day off, Kent can normally be found spending time with his family or fishing at one of our local streams.

From the whole team, thank you for a decade of excellence, Kent!

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