Friday, November 4, 2016

Building a 1/50 Scale Road? NZG and Vogele Have Just the Thing to Complete the Job!!

A new Vogele Super 2000-3i Tracked Paver replica in 1/50 scale just arrived from NZG!
#944 - 1/50 Scale
Vogele Super 2000-3i Tracked Paver
    Features include:
      • Authentic Vogele graphics and paint scheme
      • Movable rubber tracks
      • Posable leveling screed unit (ensures even thickness of paving material)
      • Detailed operator's station with accurately-replicated controls
      • Extendable roof
      • Opening engine hatches
      • Moveable hopper sides to force the "asphalt" onto the belt

Highly-detailed control panels and consoles, both inside and outside of the operator’s station

Sharply-detailed graphics (from OEM Vogele markings to safety warnings and operational instructions), as well as the distinctive Vogele paint scheme, make this model stand out.

 The functioning hopper sides tip inward to force material onto the belt, just like the real machine.

Top to bottom, this Vogele Super 2000-3i Paver is packed with functions and features, and will look great in a 1/50 scale diecast collection or construction diorama. 

This model and many others from NZG are in stock and ready to ship today at!

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