Wednesday, November 16, 2016

NEW Caterpillar Twenty-Five Tractors Are Coming from Diecast Masters!

Diecast Masters has been commissioned by ACMOC (Antique Caterpillar Machinery Owners Club) to manufacture the NEW Caterpillar Twenty-Five replica in 1/16 scale.
#85530 - 1/16 Scale
Early - Mid December
Caterpillar Twenty-Five with Canopy
This replica features a canopy, an opening engine compartment, and individually linked metal tracks. 

Early December will bring just a FEW to our warehouse for those lucky ones who order first. The rest will be arriving in late December or January

To ensure you get what you need for the holidays, order today at

#85531 - 1/16 Scale
Late December - January
Caterpillar Twenty-Five in Silver - ACMOC 25th Anniversary Commemorative Edition

While you’re placing your order, you can also pre-order the special silver edition (produced to celebrate the 25th anniversary of ACMOC). The silver edition is due in late December or January (when the majority of the yellow regular edition arrives).  The Special is serialized on the model and the box, and only 500 models are being produced, so purchase yours early before they are sold out: 

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