Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Farm By Night With Spec-Cast!

If you need to do your 1/64 scale farming covertly under the cover of darkness, or you just really like the look of black farm equipment, take a look at these new Spec-Cast releases arriving this month! 

First off, we'll take a look at this Gleaner S98 Combine.
#SCT-529 - 1/64 Scale
January Arrival
Gleaner S98 Combine in Stealth Black with Dual Wheels and Corn Head 
This model features a detachable corn head, dual front wheels, a folding grain auger, and a stealth black color scheme. Or, if you're interested in this combine in the regular grey color scheme, you can check it out HERE!

The other incognito farm replica for your consideration today is this Challenger tractor.
#SCT-538 - 1/64 Scale
January Arrival
Challenger MT875E X-Edition with Tracks   
This Challenger MT875E X-Edition tractor has the same aggressive black color scheme, rolling rubber tracks, and accurate logos and badges. We also have the regular edition in the signature Challenger yellow. You can see it HERE!

These sleek farm replicas are arriving soon, so pre-order yours at today!

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