Monday, March 6, 2017

Amazing 1/87 Scale Sheds and Shacks Have Just Arrived from Woodland Scenics!

Fun NEW HO Scale sheds and shacks from Woodland Scenics are here! These Built and Ready items are perfect additions to your HO train layouts or dioramas. Their weathered walls, windows, and doors make them look incredibly realistic. Each style is unique and will work great along railroad tracks, behind houses, and in many other places.
#BR5057 - 1/87 Scale
Work Shed - HO Scale - Built and Ready - ABS Lightweight Plastic
The Work Shed is nothing too fancy - just a red, four-walled building with enough room for a shelf and two windows. It includes shake shingles, a smokestack, exterior storage box, and a stockpile of wood for those colder days.
#BR5058 - 1/87 Scale
Wood Shack - HO Scale - Built and Ready - ABS Lightweight Plastic
The bright green door is a little rugged now and the wood-paneled walls could use a good wash, but it is still as secure as the day it was built. The Wood Shack includes a raised foundation with two staggered steps up to a padlocked door, asphalt shingles, and two barrels once used for collecting rain water.
#BR5056 - 1/87 Scale
Tin Shack - HO Scale - Built and Ready - ABS Lightweight Plastic
The Tin Shack's rusted metal walls and weather-beaten door show its true age after standing tall for nearly thirty years through rain, sun, and snow. This building includes a corrugated metal roof, walls with a little rust, and a wooden door. A barrel of iron and an old wheel can be seen leaning against the wall.

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