Friday, March 17, 2017

Glenn, Abraham, Tyreese, Hershel...Pretend Your Favorite Walking Dead Characters Didn't Die Horribly!

Being a fan of the post-apocalyptic drama The Walking Dead (TV series, 2010-Current) isn't always easy. The lessons that we learn alongside Rick and his group are hard-fought, and sometimes we lose friends along the way.  

To help you cope, we've got some new 1/21 scale collectible figures from Eaglemoss, each celebrating a character we know and love (or love to hate).

First is Glenn Rhee. Glenn was an integral 
part of Rick's group from Season 1, known for 
his courage, loyalty, and quick thinking. 

#TWD12 - 1/21 Scale
Abraham - The Walking Dead
#TWD07 - 1/21 Scale
Glenn Rhee - The Walking Dead
Abraham Ford joined up with the survivors
a few years later, but quickly became
one of the family. Always reliable and 
quick with the jokes, Abraham was the kind 
of guy you would want on your side.

Tyreese was a tenacious, fiercely-loyal
friend with leadership skills of his own.
His struggle to maintain his humanity
even in incredibly desperate situations
was a hallmark of his character.
#TWD05 - 1/21 Scale
Tyreese - The Walking Dead
#TWD15 - 1/21 Scale
Herschel Greene - The Walking Dead

Herschel Greene was the most genuinely kind 
person Rick's group ever encountered. His 
character was revealed when he selflessly performed 
emergency surgery to save Rick's son, Carl.

These and many other figures commemorating your favorite characters from The Walking Dead are available now at!

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