Monday, April 22, 2019

Recent Release from Greenlight: Blue Collar Collection Series 5!

Greenlight's Blue Collar Collection Series 5 has arrived! This 1/64 scale release includes six different die-cast vehicles, each specifically designed to meet the daily demands of work with authentic paint schemes, chrome accents, and real rubber tires on metal wheels.

 Some represented brands are Turtle Wax (#35120-E), Volkswagen (#35120-C), and Marvel Mystery Oil (#35120-A). These models are available individually or as part of a 6-piece, factory-sealed case (#35120-CASE).
#35120 - 1/64 Scale
Blue Collar Collection Series 5
Check out to find your favorite Blue Collar Collection models, and don't forget to hunt for possible "Green Machines" in your Greenlight cases!

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