Friday, August 8, 2008

Ford Boss Mustang

Honestly, I'm not really an automotive kind of gal. I was for a while back in Jr. High when I thought it would make the boys like me. Not so much anymore. But I still can't forsake the beloved Mustang. They're just beauties, no matter what year, except maybe the 80s Mustangs. Not my thing. This, my friends, is a nice little car. A 1970 Ford Boss Mustang 429, in authentic Grabber Blue. I like Grabber Blue. A lot. This lovely First Gear model is 1/25 scale, and features opening hood, driver and passenger doors, and rear hatch, as well as steerable front wheels.

It just arrived a few days ago, so these are ready to ship as soon as you wipe the drool off the computer screen!

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