Thursday, August 21, 2008


This year's Wings of Texaco and Chevron Airplanes have just been announced.
Due to arrive in November, these planes are always highly sought by collectors and will be the perfect item for Christmas.

The 2008 #16 Wings of Texaco plane is the 1/38 scale Grumman G-21-A Amphibian. Each includes a Certificate of Authenticity and a Display Stand. As we have come to expect, it comes in both the regular and special editions.
ERTL 21939P - 1/38 Special Brushed Metal Edition
ERTL 21938P - 1/38 Regular Edition

Get FREE shipping for a limited time when ordering the regular and special edition SET: TEX08SET

The 2008 #5 Chevron Airplane is the DC-3 and will be available only as the regular edition. Note: there will be no Special Edition Chevron plane this year. Features include working propellors, tilt action display stand, custom packaging, and Certificate of Authenticity.
ERTL 21940P - 1/72

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