Friday, December 12, 2008

Introducing Unique Replicas!

(a couple days ago I brought you Phoenix Toys. They are now listed properly on our website, under Unique Replicas. Here's some more information.)

This year has been a great one here at 3000toys. We have been able to reach out to you more and more, adding new and exciting products as we go. To tell you the truth though, it's rare that I get so excited about new products as I am right now. I have a new baby in the warehouse, ready for viewing. Are you ready?

Unique Replicas has just been added to our website. These are very impressive models, at a great price. They really are unique; there's not much that compares to these. The features are practically endless, with most products including:

  • Detailed Front Grill design
  • Continental spare tire
  • Detailed dashboard interior
  • Steering wheel turns front tires
  • Full suspension
And here's a quick look at features of some of the other more specific models:
We gathered the whole office yesterday to take a look at these, and they really made an impression on everyone here. Here are some of the favored items, but the best will be saved for last:

This nostalgic model is a 1950 Milk Delivery Van. What's so impressive? Well, I haven't really seen something like this in a mid-scale (most of these are 1/24). But that's not all. That door on the side? It opens up with a little control on the bottom, and actually folds like it should. Very nice. Wait, I'm not done. In the back, there are 2 hinged doors that open up so you can see more detail on the inside. What's more: there's a little dome light that comes on, like the inside of a refrigerator! We were so surprised!

This next one has been a very popular one in the opening days after its arrival. Here we have a 1/10 scale BMW Motorcycle with a Sidecar:

Now, you're going to want a proper way to display your new model. So, here's a very nice rotating display table, appropriate for most mid-scale cars:

The table is battery-operated, and runs at 2 speeds. And now, for my absolute favorite model. Perhaps my favorite of the whole year:

Unique Replicas has teame dup with Phoenix Mint to bring you this stunning limited edition 1957 Chevy Bel Air. With a brushed titanium finish, there were only 1957 of the produced, and they are almost gone! There really is no way to appreciate the detail and beauty of this without seeing it in person. Here are some of the features: The differential drive shaft in the undercarriage actually turns when the wheels move! The steering really works, and the seats will even fold a bit to allow passengers in the back. The hood opening up to reveal the detailed engine. You will receive a lovely collector box with a signed certificate of authenticity, showing what the production number is. The same production number is also on the chassis. There is so much to love about this one!

Every single one of the new Unique Replias models is worth viewing. There are all packed with so much detail that you're sure to be impressed. And remember, this weekend they are all 10% off, no code needed!

We are really gearing up for Christmas in these last few days and I look forward to making your holidays very special. I will be here all day tomorrow (Saturday) to help answer your questions, and I'll bring you more news here as well. Have a great weekend!

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