Monday, December 8, 2008

You asked for more Hobby Master, and we're giving it to you!

We have seen a great response to the newly added Hobby Master (Historic Aviation) products. We started out carefully, with just a few items in October, and we are already adding more! Here are some of the popular items that will be arriving this week:

HA1110 - F6F-5 VF-17 "Jolly Rogers," USS Hornet (CV-12), 1945
Beautifully manufactured by Hobby Master, this 1/72 scale die cast model is top-of-the-line in every way. You get engraved panel lines and simulated rivets; a detailed cockpit with an optional-position canopy and a pilot figure; a full complement of wing-mounted bombs and rockets; an external fuel tank; optional-position landing gear with real rubber tires; and the authentic markings of VF-17, the "Jolly Rogers" (with a white checkered tail and wingtips for instant recognition), who were stationed on the USS Hornet (CV-12) in 1945. 7" wingspan; includes a display stand.

HA1408 - A-4F Skyhawk "Lady Jessie", Dick Perry, VA-164, USS Hancock
Replicating an A-4F Skyhawk, Lady Jessie - the name given to the aircraft flown by every commanding officer of VA-164, the "Ghost Riders," in honor of Mrs. Jessie Beck, who befriended the squadron during the Vietnam War - when it was stationed on the USS Hancock (CVA-19), this 1/72 scale die cast Hobby Master model features outstanding details such as engraved panel lines, a detailed cockpit with an opening canopy, removable fuel tanks, an aerial refueling probe and a tail hook, optional position landing gear with real rubber tires, authentic markings, a display stand, and more. Measures 6¾" long with a 4½" wingspan and arrives ready to display.

HA7302 - Grumman F3F-2, Lt. Robert Galer, VMF-2, 1940 - Limited Edition of 2,000 pieces
Replicating an F3F-2 flown by Lt. Robert Galer - an All-American basketball player who recorded 13 World War II victories, received the Medal of Honor for his actions during the Battle of Guadalcanal, and went on to become a brigadier general - of VMF-2 stationed at NAS San Diego in October, 1940, this limited edition, 1/48 scale die cast Hobby Master model features textured surface details, wire wing rigging, a detailed cockpit with a figure of Galer, a rotating propeller, realistic M2 machine guns, removable wing-mounted bombs, optional position landing gear with real rubber tires, authentic markings, and more. 8" wingspan; includes a display stand.

HH1004 - M4A3 Sherman Barracuda Helicopter, Co. B, 41st Tank Bn., 11th AD, Bastogne, 1944 In 1966, 13-victory World War II ace Brig. Gen. Robert Scott gave permission to the 174th Assault Helicopter Company "Sharks" to use the shark's mouth nose art made famous by the 1st American Volunteer Group "Flying Tigers" in World War II. He signed his letter to the 174th: "Good hunting and GOOD LUCK!"

HD0001 - The Last Skyhawk - A-4M Skyhawkl with Diorama Set
This 1/72 scale die cast Skyhawk replicates one of the most historic of its type: A-4M BuNo 160264, the delivery of which - on February 27, 1979 - marked the end of the Skyhawk's incredible 25-year production run.

And remember for a limited time, all Hobby Master is 20% off MSRP! From now until the end of December, be sure to cash in on this great deal! Here's another comment from a satisfied 3000toys customer who recently added Hobby Master to his collection:

"Outstanding detail. Everything that we received from your company was great. Thank you for such good products and service."
-Robert L.

Thanks Robert!

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