Friday, April 24, 2009

I have never seen a fire department mechanic's truck done in a scaled model before. Until this week. And these are just as impressive as the preceding fire trucks that we've come to know and admire.

Functions and Features of Mechanic Body:
360 degree rotating crane
Angle meter on crane
Opening top storage compartment doors
Replicated diamond plate decking
Work and safety lighting
Compressor and generator
Accurate hose and wire placement
Rear work platform with vise
Accurate decal package

Features and Functions of Peterbilt Chassis:
Frame battery box with step under passenger door
Realistic exhaust, gas and air tanks
Multi-material door mirrors
Chrome grill, muffler stack, front bumper and wheels
Rubber mud flaps and tires
Realistic air and hydraulic hose placement
Realistic electrical wire placement
Opening cab doors
Opening hood that reveals detailed diesel engine
Detailed inner cab
Accurate decal package

These are available in 2 different Kern versions: # S-5 and # S-8, as well a one with Vermeer graphics. All will be released in June, but are available for pre-order now.

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