Friday, April 3, 2009

Want to use your own graphics?

The Tonkin trucks are one their way and most will be here next week. They are very nice, but what if you have your own graphics that you'd like to add to a truck? What if you only want one? Well, we've got your answer, in 1/64 scale.

Arriving next week are these blank, white ERTL trucks, perfect for adding your own graphics or paint scheme. These are mostly die-cast, and available in a day cab as well as the sleeper cab. I held one in my hand this week and was surprised by how hefty it was. The images really don't do them justice, so maybe when they get here we can do our own images. I really want to show you how nice these are.

These originally retailed for around $37.95, but circumstances allow us to offer them to you for half the price? What a sweet deal, right? They are available for pre-order now, to ship next week, and then you can do what you like with the graphics or colors of your choice!

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