Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More New Announcements!

TWH has just announced the new Seagraves in their product line. These are so impressive, when I first saw them I exclaimed “Wow. These are NICE!” There are 6 different ones, but the one I’d most like to show you is the New London.

This is engine # 25 of the New London Fire Department in 1/50 scale. As always, TWH has taken a very close look at the real thing and brought us a feasibly exact replica, complete with some literature on the dashboard, headsets, and a console with detailed gauges.

The graphics on this model are very accurate to what the machines in New London, Massachusetts really look like, and feature decals commemorating the tragic events of 9/11.

Even the ladders here are fully functional and extend to a length of 23 inches! For a full list of the features and functions and this and the other new announcements, please click on the links below.

New London

Redwood, California


Washington DC # 13

Washington DC # 16


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  1. You're right, they are beautiful! However, you owe an apology to the residents of New London.... it is in Connecticut and NOT Massachusetts!