Friday, September 11, 2009

HUGE Remote Controlled Mining shovel

Now THIS is impressive. Normally I try not to overload the blog with one particular product line, but this has just been announced. What kind of blogger/product manager would I be if I didn't share it with you right away? I haven't even gotten all 4 colors on website yet, but you can still call me if you want one!

This, my friends, is a fully radio controlled version of the 1/50 Bucyrus 495HR!

It will be available in the following colors schemes:

TWH Collectibles’ Bucyrus 495HR 1:50 scale model has been hailed as the highest detailed electric mining shovel model ever produced. Utilizing the original models, TWH has enhanced the 495HR real machine experience by offering a radio controlled version. Customized and fully operational, this mining shovel focuses on recreating
lifelike motion.

Operational Features:
  • Fully proportional operation of the hoist, crowd & tracks
  • Individual, opposite & synchronized track control
  • Full bucket operation with remote release/relatch capability
  • 180° pivot range of motion for the machine housing
  • 1-2 hour operation per charge
  • 26.25"(667mm) x 11.25"(286mm) x 16.625"(422mm)
  • System uses the latest in 2.4 Ghz RC technology
  • Rechargeable metal nickel hydride battery
  • 7 channel transmitter & receiver
  • Digging material provided
  • Battery charger included
  • Owner’s manual included
If you'd like to order one of these for October delivery, then you can call ME directly! I would love to talk to you personally. Call 417-659-8697 and ask for Maleia (Muh-lee'-uh)!

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