Saturday, September 12, 2009

Special Saturday Announcement!

We are pleased to announce a new model of the ever-popular UPS truck, this time in 1/18! This is a vintage Model T delivery truck with the familiar brown UPS scheme, historically accurate from 1913. Pre-order now for delivery well before Christmas!

Features include:

  • Highly defined grill and running boards
  • Meticulous cabin detail, including horn, steering wheel, and pedals
  • Dual back doors open to reveal package compartment
  • Hood opens on left and right to reveal engine detail
  • Accurate tire tread design
  • Full-color packaging
And if that's not quite your cup of tea, then how about this 1/87 UPS P80 Delivery truck?

Also available for delievery in by November, this is a smaller piece depicting the modern UPS truck that everyone knows.

As always, click the images for the full details. And have a GREAT weekend everyone!

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