Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Welcome to Drake Trailer Models class replicas of an iconic line of trailers.

"Since 1960, Drake Trailers have built trailers that deliver on their promise of quality, reliability, and durability, both in Australia and internationally."

TWH Collectibles has done it again with the introduction of the first model in the Drake Trailer line of 1:50 scale heavy duty trailers and specialized transport equipment diecast models. The Drake Trailer 2x8 Dolly and 4x8 Swingwing with Kenworth T908 Prime Mover will be the first in a comprehensive line of Drake Trailer models and Kenworth Prime Movers.

This is a very interesting model, I think. Quite honestly, I've never seen anything like it. Well, that's because it hails from Australia, and that seems to make these so much more desirable. From the Austrailian liscence plates to the "kangaroo bumper," the detail on these will be quite clear. These are already getting great reviews from collectors, who seem like they've been waiting all their lives for something like this!

These will be available in 8 color/graphic schemes beginning very late this year. Here's a listing of colors, with links:

Oh but wait! You like that cab? You say you'd like to see that cab available by itself? Well.... That's already been considered!

Isn't this exciting?!

That's right, the Kenworth T908 Prime Mover will be available in these 4 varieties:

What an incredible selection! And it's my understanding that there will be MUCH more to come in the series. These are available for pre-order now!

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