Tuesday, March 30, 2010

LCM3 Landing Craft by Forces of Valor

Every once in a while I am surprised by something at 3000toys.com. Sometimes it's such a unique item, that I'll go looking for it in doubt that we can find one. More often than not, I find what I'm looking for and tend to get excited about it. For example, this landing craft from D-Day. Maybe you're not as surprised as I, but you may still be interested to know about this true-to-life, 1/72 die-cast replica. Built by Higgins Industries, the LCM3 Landing Craft could deliver a 30 ton tank but was mainly used as a troop and cargo transport. They first saw action at Tarawa in 1943 and also carried troops and cargo to the shores of Normandy during the D-Day Invasion. Two soldiers are included with this model, as well as accessories and weapons on board. You can even lower and raise the ramp!

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