Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Corgi's 2010 Releases!

We have recently added to 3000toys.com almost 70 new items from Corgi! Many of these will appeal to you plane collectors out there, as these new releases include everything from WWI to modern-day aircraft and much in between. Below's a sampling of the items, and you can check out all of them on our website. The items shown here are all expected to arrive in the next couple months.

BAC Lightning F6 - XS921, RAF 74 sqn, Tengah, Singapore, 1969FW190 A8 - Stab JG300 - Oberstleutnant Walter Dahl - Juterborg Waldlager, Nov 1944Blenheim MkIF - K7159, 54 OTU RAF, Summer 1941

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