Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Attractive Fire Equipment from Unique Replicas!

I got these out today and played with them a bit, and I really like them! Unique Replicas has some great products at excellent price points, considering they always have so many features. Some of them even have functioning lights on the inside! We have stock of those shown below, and more, at

UNIQUE REPLICAS - 18628 - 1/24      Price = $60.00
1935 Chevrolet Fire Truck
Features Include:
  • Detailed Front Grille
  • Heavy DieCast Body
  • Detailed Interior
  • Steerable front tires
  • Opening doors and tailgate
  • Hood opens to reveal highly detailed engine
  • Tilt-out Windshield
  • Real action driving axle
  • Extendable, tilting, metal ladder

UNIQUE REPLICAS - 18570 - 1/24      Price = $49.00
1950 Ford Step Van - Fire Department
Features Include:
  • Heavy DieCast Body
  • Detailed interior layout
  • Steerable front tires
  • Opening front and rear doors
  • Inside hood opens to reveal highly detailed engine
  • Driver’s seat folds down
  • Working rear dome light
  • Extra accessories included

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