Monday, June 28, 2010

Toy Story for the kids (or kids at heart)

I really love Pixar movies, don't you? No other studio can take 10 minutes of film with no words whatsoever and still keep my 5 and 3 year olds totally glued to it. Examples being "UP" and Wall-E (practically the whole first half is wordless!). They contain good life-lessons like conservation and responsibility, etc. And every single one makes my husband cry like a baby.

I haven't seen the Toy Story 3 yet. I've heard such great things though, from adults and children alike. In fact, it has surpassed Shek 4 already as the highest grossing animated movie of the summer, taking in $229 million in 10 days. (Slice of SciFi

And because I feel like linking today, here is a nifty tutorial from Bakerella on how to make Hamm and Potato Head cake pops. Very cute. And here's an excellent article on why Pixar is so successfully amazing.

So, in honor of awesome movies, will have several items in just a couple weeks for kids and adults to share some good times.

MATTEL - N4087 -       Price = $34.95
Toy Story 3 Real Flying Buzz Quick-Change Flyer -  This power-charged Buzz Lightyear flies up to a whopping 300 total feet on his quest to defend the galaxy from alien invaders. Watch him take to the sky and zoom around!
Requires 3AA batteries (not included)
Arriving in July

MATTEL - P4836 -       Price = $17.95
HOT WHEELS® Toy Story 3 Sparks Turbo Launcher - Raise and lower powerful arms to launch two Hot Wheels® cars simultaneously.  Comes with 1 Hot Wheels® car.
Arriving in July

MATTEL - R7212 -       Price = $15.95
Toy Story 3 Jessie Fashion Doll
Jessie, the yodeling cowgirl who wins everyone's hearts is ready to wrangle up some fun!
Arriving in July

MATTEL - R4241 -       Price = $16.95
Toy Story 3 Great Shape™ Barbie® Doll
Barbie® is always working out to keep in great shape in the movie, Toy Story 3. Includes doll, gym bag, workout manual and water bottle.  Arriving in July

We have so much more, for boys and girls, young and old, at!


  1. The Toy Story franchise is simply amazing.
    It makes you wonder if they have outsold Star Wars.

  2. I doubt it, considering the Star Wars has had all these years and still has such a HUGE following. My own boys, aged 5 and 3, are really into Star Wars and Toy Story both. But which products do we have? Star Wars. We even have some of the toys from my husband's childhood.