Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Corgi Flying Machines!

WWII era collectors and modern aviation enthusiasts alike will be happy to see the new arrivals here at 3000toys.com. Corgi has been recognized as the market leader in die-cast toys and collectibles since 1956 when the brand was launched as "The ones with windows". One of the most famous models created was the James Bond Aston Martin DB5 of which over 10 million have been purchased. They have once again reproduced some beautiful aircraft in stunning fashion. Here are some examples:

Item #AA38803 - 1/72 scale - The prototype Do17 was built in 1934 in response to a Lufthansa requirement for a 6-passenger mailplane. However the design was rejected, partly due to the slim fuselage which would later give the plane its nickname of ‘The Flying Pencil’. Nevertheless military interest was shown in the design and it was developed as a medium bomber and long range reconnaissance aircraft.

The Do17Z was a development of earlier marks designed specifically as a medium bomber. It was used extensively on all fronts during WWII although by 1942 it started to be withdrawn from mainline duties.

KG3 was a Luftwaffe bomber wing whose units participated on all of the fronts in the European theatre until it was disbanded in September-October 1944. It operated two of the major German bomber types; the Dornier Do17 and the Junkers Ju88. This model represents an aircraft of 7 Staffel, KG3 based on the Russian front during the winter of 1941/42. It wears a hastily applied overall wash of white camouflage, well suited to the severe winter weather on the eastern front.

Item #AA35412 - 1/72 scale - 6 Squadron of the RAF holds the distinction of being the longest continuously serving Squadron anywhere in the world. Formed on 31st January 1914, 6 Squadron remained operational continuously until 2007, when it disbanded as the last Jaguar Squadron.

The model depicted, XX738 represents one of the Squadron’s aircraft as they were typically seen in their final days flying out of RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire. The RAF has announced that No. 6 Sqn will be the third operational front line squadron equipped with the Eurofighter Typhoon but production delays to Tranche 2 aircraft have meant that ‘the Flying Canopeners’ are yet to reform. However they remain scheduled to be the next squadron to receive the Typhoon, the RAF's latest front line jet aircraft.

The scheduled arrival is later this month so please be sure to get your pre-orders in now. Go to 3000toys.com or just click on the picture to take you directly there. And while you're at it be sure to take a look around and see all the other high quality replicas we offer.

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