Friday, June 25, 2010

Motorhead Coming Soon!

We have just arranged for a restock for Motorhead Miniatures© products, and we will also have a few new items for your collection! These hand-painted resin figurines, from gangsters to mechanics, will add something special to any display.

If you know a collector of model cars, die cast cars or G & O scale railroad trains, Motorhead Miniatures© is the perfect gift idea. Help your favorite model collector complete his dioramas and displays with the collectible figurines of Motorhead Miniatures©. Your die cast or railroad enthusiast will thank you for the hours of enjoyment they will get from adding Motorhead Miniatures© to their presentations.
There is a Motorhead Miniatures© scale for all hobbyists and collectors. Choose from 18th scale for your die cast, 24th scale for your model kits and garden railroads, 32nd scale for your slot cars and 48th scale for your O scale railroads and Euro die cast.

Here are a few of what we carry at for you to choose from:

The Car Show Set - John and Joanne are enjoying a day at the Car Show, showing off their latest collectible ride. You know these two - you see them all the time! Each Car Show set includes our favorite couple, their lawn chairs (molded separately), Emmy the dog, and a two-sided sign. The sign reads 'Please Do Not Touch The Car' on one side, and 'Car Show Today' on the other.
Available in 1/18 and 1/24 beginning in July.
Available in 1/48 beginning in October.
Safety Check, 3-Piece Set - Uh oh! Make sure your seatbelt is fastened and your papers are in order! The officers of Safety Check are about to pull you over. Trooper Cheatem selects the cars for inspection. Officer Howe has her assignment to direct traffic and Officer Dewey is writing a ticket for a minor violation. Outstanding details on the guns, belts and uniforms of these authentic accessory figurines make Safety Check a must have for collectors.
Available in 1/18, 1/24, and 1/48 scales, taking pre-orders for August.

Full Service, 3-Piece Set - Bringing back memories of the days when 'Service Station' really meant service, Full Service is one of the new accessory figurine sets coming this year from the crafters at Motorhead Miniatures©. These three guys are ready to give the car at the pump the once over we used to take for granted. Chuck is ready to fill 'er up, Johnny is making sure your oil is good and Lester is checking your tires. No detail has been overlooked in this new set.
Also available in 1/18, 1/24, and 1/48 scales, taking pre-orders for August.

Many other figures and sets are available on our website, so please go to for more!

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