Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Lowboy from Tonkin

We have recently received a new 1/53 release from Tonkin Replicas: A Peterbilt 388 with Lowboy, decorated in the graphics of St. Germain Transport

- Working outriggers
- Removable gooseneck
- Flip down ramps
- Realistic wood deck

Peterbilt 388:
- Hood opens to reveal engine detail
- Removable roof and realistic interior
- Full chrome detail
- Doors open
- Working fifth wheel

Mr. Roger Coderre, owner operator, starts in 1953, with only one truck. With time, business increases, and the number of trucks also, to meet the demand. Mr Coderre supervises employees, acts as dispatcher and repairs his trucks himself, whenever he can, mostly at night. 

St-Germain Transport Ltée is created in 1963 under provincial law, and Mr. Coderre is the president. The company is prosperous and will serve as a stepping-stone for Roger's children in the business world. Many will choose to go on their own, but almost all of them work in the transportation world. From one unit, the company has today more than 50 tractors and over 400 trailers. 

Today, four of his children are working in the company, and are preparing to take over when Mr. Coderre eventually retires. Mr. Coderre is still very active in the company and his 45 years of experience make him a master in the transportation field.

This item is available for shipment now, and you may also pre-order the same item with a Curtainside trailer rather than the lowboy, at 3000toys.com

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