Friday, August 27, 2010

More from TWH, Bucyrus!

The very limited Bucyrus Mechanic's Truck has just been announced, to arrive at in September!

Bucyrus Mechanic's Truck - Ony 200 Pieces produced
Features and Functions Include:
  • 360 degree rotating crane
  • Opening top storage compartment doors
  • Read work platform with vise
  • Replicated Diamond Plate Decking
  • Work and Safety Lighting
  • Chrome Grill, muffler stack, front bumper and wheels
  • Frame battery box with step under passenger door
  • Detailed inner cab

Model Dimensions: 
Length: 6.125" 
Width: 2" 
 Height: 2.5" 
 Weight: .85 lbs.   

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