Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Announcing Fall Releases from Eligor

Eligor, a diecast manufacturer based in France, has released their fall lineup which is hitting the market this month.

These 1/43 scale models are great for "O" scale enthusiasts as well as classic car collectors. We all know France is famous for wine, the Eiffel Tower and fine food, but did you know they produce some of the finest detailed diecast scale models in the industry? These cars are Le cool.

Not exactly known for stylish good looks, the Citroën 2CV AZU was begrudgingly touted in the industry for its low cost, reliability, and simplicity of use and service. Featured here is the Bardahl Oil Company’s advertising truck of the 50’s.

Item: 101327
Retail = $35.95

The Type 35 was the car that made Bugatti a successful racecar manufacturer. In 1926 it took 12 major Grand Prix victories. They were raced in almost every event at the time. This helped Bugatti take over 2000 victories in 1927 alone. Featured is the Italian Team model of this legend.

Item: 101323
Retail = $35.95

VéloSoleX is a motorized bicycle originally invented in 1946 and has sold more than 7 million worldwide. Having owned Solex for a period of time, Renault puts the economical 4CV on the road towing the advertising trailer that toured the countryside of France. Now that's some classic mid-century marketing!

Item: 101287
Retail = $42.95

Be sure to check out for the rest of the fall releases, or just click HERE.

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  1. These are lovely. Would like to buy and display them at my shop. I am an aircond contractor by trade.