Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Vote For Your Hollywood Favorite

We are pleased to announce the upcoming releases from Round 2. These are in the American Muscle series and are scheduled to be released in 2011. 
Pre-ordering is available at
AMERICAN MUSCLE #951 - 1/18 scale    Price = $99.00 [January Release] 
Munsters Koach - Originally built by George Barris for the classic television show, this fantasy car was created using three Model T bodies painted in black with a "blood red" interior. This replica is offered with the small additional details you've come to know from Round 2 and American Muscle collectibles. 
AMERICAN MUSCLE #953 - 1/18 scale    Price = $99.00 [February Release]
Munsters Drag-u-la - Designed by Tom Daniel, but built by George Barris for the classic television show, this was a lesser known vehicle shown only in one episode and the Munsters movie. Comes complete with casket, organ-pipe exhaust, and wide drag slicks.
AMERICAN MUSCLE #955 - 1/18 scale    Price = $99.00 [March Release]
"Greased lightnin', go greased lightnin'!" This ride was featured in the musical that defined a generation. Customized with over-sized fins, lightning bolt graphics and a clear hood, this car is systematic ... hydromatic ... ultramatic ... why it could be greased lightning!

Please vote on your favorite! If you don't see your favorite listed, go ahead and post it in a comment. We truly appreciate your input!

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  1. I personally liked Dan Tanna's red T-Bird convertable in the Vegas series of 1978.