Monday, September 27, 2010

Autumn Weekend Edition: Last Installment

Did you have a great weekend? I promised you some photos of our time spent with Jo Anne from Norscot. We had a lot of fun, and that certainly comes through in these images. Jo Anne is such a wonderful person, and I always look forward to working with her when the opportunity arises. However, we did work very hard with her, and she taught many ways that we can serve YOU more!

I apologize for some of the pictures' quality. I took all of these with my Android phone and don't have the steadiest hand. :)

Here's Jo Anne. Isn't she lovely?

This is Katharine Stratton, Vice President of our company. One of our team members here had a gorgeous little girl earlier this year, and she was incredible during our meetings! It was great to have her there.

Here we have Jo Anne with Tom (our other product manager who works closely with me to get your the products you want... he's in the middle) and Bill (left), our amazing office manager.

Here's Bill again and Jo Anne taking a break for lunch. 

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