Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Apples and Oranges and Tractors

We are very proud of our selection of farm replicas, especially our tractors. We carry several different scales and brands, each offering detail and quality at several different price points. Here is what we hope to be a helpful comparison between four popular series of 1/16 scale models: Spec-Cast, Universal Hobbies, ERTL, and ERTL Precision Series.

Spec-Cast's Massey Harris 50 Gas Narrow Front Tractor (Item SCT-412 - Price = $56.90) is a fantastic model that offers really quality details at a fair price. First off, the wheels roll along nicely and the steering works. The accurate casting of this model features detailed pedals and knobs, a highly detailed engine, and a three point hitch. The model really jumps out at you with detailed headlights and vivid paint and graphics.

Next up we have Universal Hobbies' 1917 Fordson Model F Tractor (Item 2917 - Price = 64.95). It too features rolling wheels and working steering. The simulated rivets are a nice touch to this model and the engine features really tremendous detail. There is also a three point hitch and an opening toolbox at the foot of the seat. However, the greatest detailing is found around the engine in the detailed rods and cables running to their respective parts.

Our first offering from ERTL is the Case IH Maxxum Tractor with Front Loader (Item 14809 - Price = $75.99). As in the previous models, the wheels turn and the steering works. It is a sturdy model with a die-cast chassis and front loader. The body and cab are cast out of plastic and within the cab you will find a detailed interior.

Our next model from ERTL, and the final model in our comparison, is the Prestige Series John Deere 4960 with Duals (Item 45238 - Price = $163.99). This model features diecast wheels with plastic tires that roll freely and front tires that turn. The diecast chassis, body, and cab are all intricately detailed. The fine detail is prominently featured in the accurate engine and realistic steps to the cab. After reaching the cab you will once again find clear windows that display the detailed interior.

Surely one of these replicas can dazzle you with their details while finding a nice home in your collection.


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