Monday, October 24, 2011

Playsets for Christmas

It's almost that time of year again - the time to be thinking about Christmas presents.  Remember us when you go to making that Christmas list.  We can definitely help you out with several of those people on your list.  For instance, New-Ray makes a lot of great sets that are perfect for your children, nephews and nieces, grandchildren, etc.

Let's say one of their favorite past-times is playing cowboys & cowgirls.  Now they can put their imaginations to work in a whole ole' west town...  

This is the Deluxe Big Western Town Playset from New-Ray.  The set comes with a general store, blacksmith, house, stagecoach, covered wagon, six horses, fencing, and other accessories!  (Item #SS-38465 - Approx. 1/43 Scale - Price = $50.95)

For "today's" cowgirls, we also have the Riding Academy playset, which comes in PINK!  This great set comes with a pickup and trailer, two horses and riders, fencing, and plenty of accessories.  (Item #37305 - 1/20 Scale - Price = $28.95)

Or maybe your family tends toward the city slicker side of the spectrum.  We've got something for your kids, too!  Here's the City Cruiser set.  It comes with a roll-off truck with a Lamborghini, another roll-off truck with a Corvette, and a tow truck with a Ford pick-up.  (Item #15905-SET - 1/43 Scale - Price = $32.95)

Whether their favorite is Western, Cars and Trucks, Farm, Hunting, Planes, Construction, or whatever, make sure to check out all the playsets from New-Ray!

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