Friday, October 14, 2011

Farm Toys for Your Not-so-Little Farmer

We have something for everyone that you love to buy for - including yourself!  For your little farmers and construction workers, Bruder's a great choice, as Matt talked about earlier this week.  
But if you're past that stage in life are are looking for something more detailed, more beefy, and all-around more manly, Spec-Cast is a great option.

Spec-Cast has been one of our favorite lines for more than 10 years, almost as long as we've been doing what we do.  Ever since we picked up the line, they've been steadily adding new and interesting models to their line-up.  

I want to show you some of their most recent releases, which arrived here just last month.  
Firstly, if you're a 1/64-scale kind of guy, here's what's new in that area:
Here's the Challenger MT665C Tractor.  This is item #SCT-431 and can be yours for $15.90.
Next we have the Heritage Iron International 1206 Wheatland Tractor.  It's item #ZJD-1662 and goes for $15.90.
The last up in 1/64 scaled is the Heritage Iron International 1206 Wheatland Tractor with FWA & Cab.  Going for $15.90, this is item #ZJD-1679.

Maybe the more weighty 1/16 scale is your thing instead.  Here's what's new for you:

First, here's the Farmall 450 Cub Lo-Boy (1955-1968). The Cub Lo-Boy is similar to the standard Cub, but the Lo-Boy has shorter front end spindles and sits about 8 inches lower than the standard Cub.  This model goes for $56.90 and is item #ZJD-1673
Another Farmall that just came in is the Farmall Cub with Planter & Fertilizer Tank (1947-1964).  The Cub featured IH's "Cultivision" engine and steering. Three major series of the original Cub were produced up until 1979.  Item #ZJD-1674 and it goes for $62.90.

Lastly, this is the Oliver G-1355 LP Gas Tractor, which goes for $62.90.  It's item #SCT-428.

I hope you enjoy, and thanks for reading! I'd love to get your comment, and while you're at it, please follow our blog!

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