Thursday, February 2, 2012

Official Announcement of the Newest from Norscot!

I know that word about Norscot's new models has been leaking out, and we've been getting a lot of questions about what and when and how much.  Well, we have the answer to one of those questions.

Here's the official announcement of Norscot's six newest models!

As for the when and the how much - as alluded to in Norscot's update earlier this week, they are in the process of switching factories in China.  The when (ETA) and the how much ($$) questions should be answered by the end of March.  We will keep you posted.

In the meantime... here you go!

Caterpillar 450E Backhoe Loader
Item #55263 - 1/87 Scale

Caterpillar 785D Truck with Mega water tank
Item # 55276 - 1/50 Scale

Caterpillar 323D Tracked Excavator with demolition hammer
Item #55282 - 1/50 Scale

Caterpillar 336D Tracked Excavator with Scrap Shear
Item #55283 - 1/50 Scale

Caterpillar D8T Bulldozer with Single-Shank Ripper
Item #55299 - 1/50 Scale

Caterpillar 740B EJ Atriculated Hauler with Ejector Body
Item #55500 - 1/50 Scale

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