Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Enhancing Imaginations with Bruder

I love imagination. Seeing kids play and think up wild adventures and challenges and friends is one of the great joys of life. We love to help kids play and use their imagination. That's why we are excited to show off a line of accessories and figures that are sure to enhance your child's play time. Here's the word straight from Bruder:

"bworld is what we call the World of Bruder ... essential elements for making a play world come to life. Since these new additions allow our small fans to unleash their fantasy and create imaginative play worlds, we are calling them Bruder world or, in short, bworld."

So please take a look at some of the highlights from the line and be sure to check out the entire line at

BRUDER - 60000 - 1/16 Price = $9.95
Male Construction Worker with Brunette Hair

Features and Functions:
3-dimensional moveable limbs and head
Hands can grasp objects or hold onto vehicles
Manufactured from High Impact ABS Plastic

BRUDER - 60402 - 1/16 Price = $9.95
Female Construction Worker with Dark Hair and Boots

Features and Functions:
3-dimensional moveable limbs and head
Hands can grasp objects or hold onto vehicles
Manufactured from High Impact ABS Plastic

BRUDER - 62020 - 1/16 Price = $89.95
Construction Shed with Excavator, Construction Worker, and Accessories

The construction shed features wall elements including windows as well as a door and movable sliding doors which are spacious enough to also accommodate larger equipment (with a height of up to 24 cm). The shed is suitable for construction machinery as well as agricultural equipment, trailers, and implements. The modular design also makes it possible to remove sections of the roof and allow, for instance, vehicles and play figures to be moved around with ease inside the hall even with the sliding doors closed. Apart from the machine shed, this set also includes a play figure, the Schaeff mini excavator and parts for securing the construction site.

BRUDER - 62200 - 1/16 Price = $21.95
Logistics Set with Male Worker

The daily supply with goods such as food or even toys is ensured by the large trucks employed by freight companies. The Pro series already offers our small customers a wide variety a different transport vehicles. However, our new bworld logistics set now allows for even more imaginative playing. A warehouse worker loads pallets and boxes onto the truck in no time. He makes professional use of an electric pallet truck to complete this task.
The set includes an electric pallet truck and various means of transportation such as Euro pallets, the stackable wooden crate with cover or the industrial skeleton box.

BRUDER - 62500 - 1/16 Price = $28.95
Riding Set with Horse and Woman Rider

Through the development of the bworld figures now the world of horseback riding can be actively re-enacted with Bruder's versatile product line.
Thanks to their outstanding moveability, play figures can be placed on a horse with saddle in a manner that is extremely realistic. The feet find their place in the stirrups, and the hands hold the reins just like in real life. Naturally for protection the figure has a riding helmet on its head.
The set consists of a paddock, in which the horse can be placed after the ride.
The horse can be unsaddled and unbridled beforehand.

BRUDER - 62520 - 1/16 Price = $89.95
Horse Stable with Woman, Horse, and Accessories

The stable is an important component of equestrian sports. The crucial factor in this regard is that the horses are kept as humanely as possible. Adequate space and cleanliness are important prerequisites for keeping horses. The bworld horse stable is modularly structured. Thus it is possible to extend the stall and provide sufficient space if the number of horses increases. Also the existing horse paddock or the horse shelter are seamlessly integrated in the concept of the horse stable.

BRUDER - 62600 - 1/16 Price = $27.95
Farming Set

The topic of food production also gets an emphasis through the new bworld figures and building series. The figure set includes a cow, as well as a paddock for free-range farming. This milk production environment suitable for organic production includes the necessary milk churns for transporting the milk. To facilitate the farmer's milking activity, a milking stool is included in the set. Caring for the Fleckvieh cow is also important. Consequently the most important tools, such as broom, pitchfork and rake are provided. Feed trough, hay rack, supplement the paddock. Details, such as the pedigree chart of the cow round out the overall picture.

BRUDER - 62620 - 1/16 Price = $90.95
Farm Shed with Male Farm Hand, Tractor, and Accessories

A vehicle shed that is closed in on all sides and houses equipment as well. The shed is suitable for construction machines or agricultural machines, trailer, and implements. The modular design also makes it possible to remove the roof elements to move the vehicles and figures into the shed for play with the sliding doors closed. In addition to the equipment shed, a male farm hand, bales of hay, and the Fendt 209 frontloader are included in this set.

BRUDER - 62650 - 1/16 Price = $22.95
Logging Set with Male Logger

Where does the firewood for the cosy warm fireplace or tile stove in the living room come from? With the forest set the individual steps from felled timber to the chopped firewood can be re-enacted through play. From the large tree section smaller pieces are cut with the aid of the chainsaw, these pieces can then be further processed with the log splitter into logs that are easier to handle. Naturally muscle power is still required here. The chainsaw cannot do everything. The axe and hand saw are provided for these tasks. Occupational health and safety is always in the forefront when "chopping wood". Consequently the play figure is also equipped with a protective vest and hard hat with visor. The figures can securely hold the tools thanks to their grip hands.

BRUDER - 68000 - 1/16 Price = $43.95
Car/Tractor Port

The vehicle shed can not only be used for protecting the numerous agricultural vehicles and implements from the weather, it also offers space for agricultural machines or smaller trucks (to 24 cm in height). The shed can be used universally and also serves as an extension for the equipment shed or the stable. The modular design allows space for fantasy and extension.

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