Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Warm-Up Your Winter with John Deere

Perhaps it is the cold weather or the calendar, but it doesn't feel like farming weather. Growth and life just aren't the first things to pop into my head while shivering my way into the office. But that doesn't mean I should deprive you of the tremendous farm items that have recently arrived at the headquarters. So here are some great tractors and a combine that have just shown up. Need one more reason to grab one of these models? The iconic green of these John Deere tractors is the perfect splash of color to brighten up these winter days!

ERTL - 45289 - 1/16 Price = $205.99
John Deere 4450 Precision Elite #1

ERTL - 45310 - 1/32 Price = $69.99
John Deere S690 Combine

ERTL - 45317 - 1/64 Price = $13.99
John Deere 9560R Tractor with Duals

ERTL - 45324 - 1/32 Price = $29.99
John Deere 8360RT Tractor

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