Friday, August 9, 2013

Paving Its Way In This Fall: NZG's Vogele Super 2100-3i

The Vogele Super 2100-3i Road Paver is a highway class tracked paver that weighs about 22 tons and has a maximum paving width of 13 meters.

In one pass, the paver can cover a four lane motorway, at a lay down rate of up to 1110 tons per hour. It is the most powerful paver within the "Dash 3" generation.

NZG has replicated the Vogele Super 2100-3i Road Paver in 1/50 scale. It has some great features including the new shaped canopy with side extensions.  It also has an opening engine cover revealing a nicely detailed engine. The canopy and exhaust stack fold down for displaying in a transport configuration.


It also features:
  • Individually linked tracks
  • Tilting inward hopper sides 
  • Working height adjustment and extending side panels
  • Detailed main control station with sliding control console, decorated switches,  and swing-out seats
  • Hand and safety rails along with non-slip diamond pattern on walkway
Pictures provided by Miniature Construction World

The NZG Vogele Super 2100-3i Road Paver, item #859, is expected to arrive this Fall and is available for Pre-Order Today.  Visit our website, to view this item and other great NZG models.

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