Friday, August 16, 2013

Rolling In Soon: NZG Hamm H 13i Roller Compactor

Hamm's H-series compactors offer maximum compaction, off-road mobility, advanced technology, and a comfortable operators cab.  When it comes to earth-moving applications, the Hamm 13i has an operating weight of around 13 tons.

NZG has done a great job at replicating the Hamm H 13i Roller Compactor in 1/50 scale.  It is expected to arrive this August/September.

NZG - Item #868
The first model of the Hamm H 13i Roller Compactor was viewed at the Bauma 2013 Exhibition.  It is made mostly of diecast metal with only a few plastic parts.

It has some great features including the hood, which opens to show off the detailed engine.  However, when the hood is down, the engine can also be viewed through the grill.

The detailed interior of the cab can be viewed easily through the clear windows.  Even the ceiling of the cab is nicely modeled.  They even added a fire extinguisher for an additional touch.

The model has articulated steering with realistic wheels along with authentic tire tread.  The drum has scrapers on both sides.  It also has a metal finish that allows it to roll smoothly.

Cranes Etc has done a product review of the Hamm H 13i Roller Compactor... Enjoy the review below:

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