Friday, January 29, 2016

Great New International Harvester Models from First Gear!

One of my favorite periods in automotive history is the 1970s. There's something about classic styling coupled with exciting advances in technology that make it an unforgettable era. You may think I'm talking about the appeal of muscle cars, like Corvettes, Thunderbirds, and the like, but right now I'm all about trucks. 

I love classic farm trucks; the boxier, the better. These new First Gear models certainly fit the bill!

#40-0318 - 1/25 Scale
1979 International Scout Terra Pickup

Both of these awesome 1/25th scale models feature opening doors, detailed undercarriages and interiors, incredibly accurate mechanical details, spare tire mountings, realistic factory paint schemes, and free-rolling wheels.  

#40-0374 - 1/25 Scale
1979 International Scout Traveler 
Personally, I love both of these models. There's no way I could choose between them, so I'll be picking up both for my collection! Head over to and get yours before they're gone, and find more great models from First Gear!

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