Thursday, January 21, 2016

NEW DC Comics Arrivals from Jada!

Everyone loves superheroes; young and old alike, we can all find something to admire in these staunch defenders of justice. Our passion for our favorite heroes means we never seem to tire of arguing about which character would win in a fight. One of the most iconic rivalries in superhero history is Batman Vs. Superman. 

I'm privileged to announce a new collection of high quality collectible figures from DC Comics and Jada Toys: Jada METALS!

#97394 - 4"
Armored Batman and Superman Twin Pack
Featuring Batman with removable armorSupermanWonder Woman, Batmobile Model Kit, and a twin pack with both Batman and Superman, these great models are an exciting addition to Jada's already stellar lineup of products.

#97671 - 4"
Wonder Woman 4-Inch Diecast Metal Figure 

If you regularly read this blog, you may have noticed this is the second time we've written about these great offerings from Jada; that's because we're so excited to finally get them into your hands! Offering exciting new products at great prices is at the core of what we do here at, and these new figures are certainly no exception!

#97395 - 1/24 Scale
Batmobile Diecast Metal Model Kit

No matter which side you choose, Jada has ensured we're all winners with these fine collectibles!
Head over to and order yours today!

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