Friday, April 15, 2016

Over 50 NEW Models Coming from Herpa this Year!

There are more than fifty new models coming later this year from Herpa, and more reason than ever to be excited!

With such an array of great plastic models to choose from, Herpa makes it easy to build your own HO scale worlds. From city streets to country roads, or even your very own shipping depot, construction site or military base!

How do YOU build with your miniatures? We'd love to see what you can come up with, so email your photographs or videos to and we might feature them in a future blog!

Here are just a few of the upcoming releases from Herpa!

#091078 - 1/87th Scale
August - September Arrival
MAN TGS Firetruck

Featured here are two of Herpa's new emergency responders, a MAN firetruck and a MAN ambulance, in 1/87th scale.

#092456 - 1/87th Scale
August - September
MAN TGS Intensive Care Ambulance

#066488 - 1/160th Scale\
August - September Arrival
Mercedes Actros with Tanker Trailer
Here is a small sampling of their new construction and transport models; a Mercedes Actros in 1/160th scale and a Schmitz dump trailer in 1/87th.

#076549 - 1/87th Scale
August - September Arrival
Schmitz Dump Trailer

#034404 - 1/87th Scale
August - September Arrival
BMW 5 Series

They also continue to manufacture a wide range of quality 1/87th scale models of consumer vehicles such as this new BMW 5 Series and this Audi Q2.

#028677 - 1/87th Scale
August - September Arrival
Audi Q2

#745529 - 1/87th Scale
August - September Arrival
Tiger Tank, Late Version

For military enthusiasts, Herpa has you covered! With new tanks like this Tiger, and military trucks like the Ford Koeln shown here, you'll have no shortage of options for enhancing your HO scale dioramas!

#745475 - 1/87th Scale
August - September Arrival
Ford Koeln, German Army

This is only a fraction of the new high quality plastic models coming from Herpa this year. See the rest HERE and remember, no matter which of Herpa's diverse product offerings appeal to you, is here to serve all your 1/87th and 1/160th scale needs. 

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