Friday, May 13, 2016

NZG Uses 'Crane' Technique and Scores a Knockout!!

If you've been searching for a centerpiece to tie your 1/50th scale diorama together, this is the crane you're looking for! 
#843-04 - 1/50 Scale
Liebherr LR 1600-2 Crawler Crane
Replicated in stunning detail by NZG, this Liebherr LR 1600-2 crawler crane sports a blue and white Wasel livery. The boom stands an incredible 6.5 feet (198 cm) high when fully extended, meaning this crane can handle big jobs with ease.
#843-04 - 1/50 Scale
Liebherr LR 1600-2 Crawler Crane, chassis detail
This model features rolling metal tracks and an extendable boom and derrick. It includes 3 hook blocks, a ballast car, articulated cab, and a lift system for the chassis that enables removal of the crawler base. The Liebherr is constructed of durable diecast metal.
#843-04 - 1/50 Scale
Liebherr LR 1600-2, close up of the fine metal track links
The name of the game here is detail, and NZG went all out to get this crane right. Designed for serious collectors who have experience with model cranes, this beautiful behemoth is not for the faint of heart!
#843-04 - 1/50 Scale
Liebherr LR 1600-2, fully articulated cab with detailed interior
An assortment of spare parts is included to complete the package, such as pins, bolts, and track links. This will ensure the model serves you well for many years. For an in-depth analysis of this crane's quality head over to, where you'll notice that they gave this replica an "OUTSTANDING" rating. 
#843-04 - 1/50 Scale
Liebherr LR 1600-2, metal walkways and safety railings, and rigging spools
This Liebherr is both spectacular and attention-grabbing with true-to-scale detail and an eye-catching paint scheme. Plus, only 100 of these LIMITED EDITION cranes were produced by NZG world-wide, making them a unique addition to any collection. Be sure to get yours before they're gone:!
#843-04 - 1/50 Scale
Liebherr LR 1600-2, ballast car
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