Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A NEW 1966 Chevy Chevelle Has Arrived from American Muscle!

We are excited to announce the arrival of the long-awaited 1966 Chevy Chevelle SS from American Muscle. With red-line tires on the Chateau Slate body, this car will make a great addition to any 1/18 scale car collection. Take a closer look!
#1090 - 1/18 Scale
1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS in Chateau Slate
The Chevelle's iconic bold lines made it a great force in the muscle car market in the mid-1960's. American Muscle has captured that boldness in this beautiful model.

The hood opens to reveal the detailed 396 engine. In front of the engine compartment, our eyes are drawn to the SS emblem on the grille.

The rear features the mini tail fins common on GM vehicles in this era. While not as pronounced as the tail fins on a '59 Impala, they add an elegance that I often miss when I look at modern car designs. Also, there's a spare tire in the trunk, just in case. 

Plus, as we've come to expect from American Muscle, the doors open to show off the fine interior detailing. 

This model is in stock and ready to ship, so be sure to order yours at today.

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