Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Caterpillar Peterbilt & Kenworth Lowboy Trucks are Coming

Norscot CATERPILLAR lowboy trucks without loads are coming!
Excited about the CAT Pete and KW lowboys hauling the impressive Cat equipment? BUT, you already own the piece on the lowboy? We have the solution: the same great CAT trucks, but without the load! Scheduled to be here "Sept/Oct" (perfect timing to be added to your Christmas wishlist), they're ready to haul your favorite construction model.

Just like the models with the loads, these beauties sport the CAT logo on the doors of the tractors (adding the perfect touch). Due to the licensing associated with the CAT name, these trucks cost just a bit more than the plain Pete and KW models but are still very affordable. Here are a couple of great pics below (Pete in yellow and KW in black).

NORSCOT - 55207-S Pete & 55208-S Kenworth - 1/50

Visit for the entire Norscot line: Norscot at 3000toys

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