Wednesday, May 21, 2008

CFI's last model truck - CFI was bought by Con-Way last summer

"Truck collectors are usually pretty savvy about changes in the real trucking industry and most are aware that Con-Way assumed total ownership of Joplin, Missouri based CFI last year. CFI had been a prominent trucking business since 1951 and Con-Way has indicated that they will be continuing to enhance that truckload presence throughout North America. At the request of several loyal CFI fans, Con-Way agreed to allow the production of one more diecast replica of the last design used by CFI. We were pleased that Tonkin Replicas was charged with this important responsibility and equally pleased that Joplin, Missouri diecast dealer,, was chosen to handle the distribution of the last company authorized model." - Rick Williams, Tonkin Replicas

There were just 300 of these precision models produced, and as of the writing of this blog, nearly half were already gone (even though they just arrived yesterday!) Here are some pictures from of this historic model:

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