Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Strange Construction Equipment

In trying to figure out what this blog really needs, I've been attempting to come up with some strage, outlandish, or rare vehicles. I've searched the net, and the best I could find came from an obvious place. Dark Roasted Blend is one of my favorite sites. It was there that I found this monster from their list of Biggest (and Hungriest) Machines:

Giant Bucket Wheel Excavator
It would be cool to carry a model of this thing here at 3000toys. But I can't figure out what scale it would have to be to even fit it in a shipping container. This thing is really impressive. It apparently takes about 5 years to put together, so once assembled it must be driven from point to point, likely destroying much of what gets in its way. It's the largest mobile machine on earth. It is about 2.5 football fields in length, and more than half a mile tall, weighing in at 45,500 tons.

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