Wednesday, November 25, 2015

3 New Kenworth C509s from Drake!

One thing that is commonly said about America is that we like everything bigger. Whether it be our phones, TVs, houses, cities, or our burgers, in our minds bigger is better. Anyone who has watched their favorite movie on a 70" TV, seen the world from the top of a breathtaking skyscraper, or experienced the perfection that is a gigantic burger understands this to be true.

This guy gets it

All of that being said, America isn't the only place that bigger is better, and these new 1/50 scale Kenworth C509 Drake models prove that. The C509 is the largest Kenworth road truck in Australia. So though they may look similar to the previously released T908-909 trucks, the C509's are actually much larger.

However, if these were only large models, they wouldn't be Drake trucks. Drake is known for the quality of the replicas that they produce and their careful attention to detail, and these trucks are no different. Each of these models comes with the following features:

• Driver and passenger doors open
• Air ride seats
• Detailed functioning suspension
• Sliding and locking 5th wheel
• Bogie drive
• Realistic engine and hose detail
• Rubber mud flaps and tires
• Detailed interior
• Chrome features including mud guards
• Replicated lights including beacon light

Whether you are someone who loves big trucks, someone who loves detailed models, or someone who loves both, these Drake models are sure to be a great addition to your collection. Visit to pick up yours today. While you are there, be sure to check out some of our other trucks from brands like Norscot, Tonkin, and New-Ray.

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