Saturday, November 14, 2015

Just Arrived: Chevorlet Corvettes from New-Ray

Ever since the Corvette was first released in the 1950's, they have been synonymous with cool. Only a handful of makes and models have stood the test of time like the Corvette, and anyone who has been lucky enough to see one perform- or to ride in one- understands exactly why.

My first experience with a Corvette was with that car-crazy uncle that everyone seems to have in their family. Years ago, he happened to own one and wanted to give my younger brother and me a ride in it. When he promised to be careful, my mother reluctantly agreed to allow us to go with him. She probably should have known better. When we turned the corner, my uncle floored it, and we were immediately going 60, 70, then 80 MPH in his small neighborhood. 

Was it dangerous? Probably. Was it exhilarating? Most definitely. 

These are the kinds of memories that New-Ray is hoping to evoke with their just-released 1/24 scale models.

Whether you are getting this for the car enthusiast in your life or you are buying it because you cherish the memories of flying down the road, living in the tension between danger and exhilaration, this model is the one you are looking for. Visit to get yours; and, while you are there, check out some of our other sports cars from GreenLight, M2Machines, and American Muscle.

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