Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Bruder Welcomes Winter Early With Snow Sports!

As the leaves burst into the beautiful fiery colors of fall, the temperatures begin to drop, and everything is suddenly available in a pumpkin spice version; Bruder is already gearing up for winter. And with snow adventure sports gaining more and more popularity, these NEW items are sure to be a hit.

#02594 - 1/16 Scale
Land Rover Defender with trailer and a snowmobile with a skier
This Land Rover Defender will take you to the trail head, and the snowmobile will take you anywhere beyond.

#63101 - 1/16 Scale
Snowmobile with Driver and Accessories
There's no better or more fun way to get around in the snow that on a Snowmobile.
#60420 - 1/16 Scale
Snowboarder Women with Accessories
The Bruder Snowboarder has what it takes to tackle the slopes; just be sure to wear your helmet.

#63100 - 1/16 Scale
Snowmobile with Driver and Rescue Sled 
This snowmobile comes with a Rescue Sled. You might need this if your tiny plastic skier falls down the mountain.

Fall only just started, but the holidays will be here before we know it. Head over to and order these new Bruder items today for the snow adventurer in your life.

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