Friday, March 25, 2016

Land Rover Models Incoming from Universal Hobbies!

The human spirit craves adventure. Whether that means whitewater rafting, climbing to the summit of K2, or simply taking a new route to the book store, it's the drive to explore our world that keeps us moving forward. Few vehicles exemplify that wanderlust like the Land Rover Defender. Built to take you absolutely anywhere you might want to go, the Defender is one of the most adaptable vehicles ever made. I am delighted to announce that some truly spectacular 1/18 scale Land Rover models are coming from Universal Hobbies

#3885 - 1/18 Scale
April - May Arrival
Land Rover Defender TD5 110 Police 
The TD5 110 is the top choice of many police and private security forces in the United Kingdom. This model comes equipped with an authentic livery, detailed interior and undercarriage, and free-rolling wheels.

#3884 - 1/18 Scale
April - May Arrival
Land Rover Defender TDI 110 Expedition
Built with civilian adventurers in mind, this 1/18 scale TDI 110  has a roof top luggage rack, spare tire mounting, and custom window decals. 

#3888 - 1/18 Scale
April - May Arrival
Land Rover Defender TD5 90 Wagon
For the urban explorer, we have the TD5 90 in beautiful, glossy black. Featuring true-to-scale detail and stunning good looks, this outstanding model will be sure to turn heads!

So whether your adventure takes you to the plains of the Sahara Desert, the ski slopes of Switzerland, the beaches of Morocco, or just down the street for a cup of coffee with your sweetheart, engage your passion, live with zeal, and seize the day! Then visit us at and pre-order these fantastic new 1/18th scale models!  

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